Welcome to all!

The pandemic has changed the process of planning for college forever. Distance learning, new COVID-related trends, more school closings, and reduced hands-on support to help students of all ages and their families has made the process of planning for higher education more challenging … which makes this new educational System more important than ever before.

It will help you navigate and simplify these new realities as you re-imagine various higher education options. Whether you are a non-traditional student considering additional education, a foreign student considering attending college in the U.S., a Veteran using GI Bill resources, or a high school student making key decisions with your parents or grandparents, you’ll find phenomenal opportunities await those who seek them.

learning the latest rules of the ‘game of college’

College is one of the biggest financial decisions you’ll ever make, but unfortunately, most students make them without knowing the right questions to ask, or having access to unbiased resources to obtain the answers. They are playing the very expensive game of college without knowing the rules.

The simple 5-Step educational CAP SystemTM was created to guide you through those rules a series of essential questions to answer as you begin this exciting path toward personal and financial freedom. It’s a process, and there’s no one right answer … it may be a 4-year college or one of the many options to explore as you evaluate the best decision at this time.

You’ll learn mistakes to avoid, strategies to dramatically cut costs, roadblocks to overcome, and so much more. See real-life Case Studies (PDF) for inspiration before completing your own personal College Action Plan (CAP): Your Game Plan for academic life.


It’s Easy to Get Started

It’s time to begin. You’ll quickly learn that the goal of this easy step-by-step System is to help ensure that every dollar spent on higher education is invested wisely…especially with the economic challenges so many face today. And remember, the goal is not college; it’s a great job in a rewarding field you’ll enjoy!

Watch this video to see how easy it is to get started. Just click on the ‘Go to Step 1’ button. Then watch the Step 1 video, study the Resource Guide – which highlights critical questions to ask and provides instant access to dozens of invaluable resources and links – and then begin completing your own personal Action Plan for Step 1.

After each step you’ll be able to “preview and print” your Action Plan. Again, this your ‘Game Plan’ for your academic life, so come back periodically to review, modify, and adjust it to stay on track to achieve the ultimate goal: A great job offer!

We hope you’ll find this unique CAP System beneficial as you begin this exciting journey!